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Eggplant on the way

Dusky eggplant

Tucked away and safely shaded from scorching sun, a Dusky eggplant happily expands. The earlier tiny eggplant puzzle, while never solved (eggplant and peppers were fruiting extra early, tiny fruit on tiny plants), no longer matters, and the brief Colorado potato beetle onslaught was successfully weathered. All varieties of eggplant are doing great (that’s Dusky, Black Beautry, Vittoria, Fairy Tale and Millionaire), with abundant fruit well ahead of any other year on this tiny farm!



  1. Lynn Bowerman

    High Five on the eggplant Mike!
    See you Friday.

  2. Your Eggplant looks great, as do all of the veggies your grow. I really admire you for all of the hard work you put in, and I really like your blog too!

    I couldn’t find an email address for you and I know I asked you this in a comment about a month ago, but I would still love to link to some of your posts at Veggie Garden Info, the site that I run that highlights and links to bloggers who write about vegetable and fruit gardening. My readers would love to know about your site, but I don’t link without permission first. Please answer here in a comment or email me at

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  3. Marc: I hadn’t forgotten, actually, coincidentally, I guess, I just emailed you yesterday or so saying it was OK to go ahead. VeggieGardenInfo’s a cool site, a one-stop for seeing what’s up all around in…veggie gardens!

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