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Farewell to the Colonel!

Colonel Saunders

After a full day of seeding and weeding in quite glorious sunshine, with pet chicken Colonel Saunders in attendance, Shannon took her leave this evening, heading on to other interning adventures. She’d worked just about every day of the last month. Our daily chats were…interesting! For my part, it was a really great chance to articulate lots of stuff that’d been bubbling around in my head. Tiny farming can be quite the mental trip, as well as a lot of work—having the chance to bounce ideas and thoughts off someone both completely new and cool to talk to, who’d also been on many other small farms (I’ve STILL to really visit another market garden), was a definite treat. I also at times argued against the market garden practicality of some of her well-thought-through ideas about gardening in a more holistic, permaculture vein, but in the end, they brought useful thoughts to the forefront. And of course, the spring planting and a bunch of other stuff got done. I guess it’s clear: Shannon was a cool person to meet in the field! I hope the…immersive Tiny Farm Experience was equally good for her, that she learned stuff and had fun as well! As I’m discovering, more than anything else, tiny farming is about people… (Guest photo by Shannon.)


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  1. Katie

    Hey Mike,

    It’s so fun to hear about your adventures and the cool people you have coming through there.  I always heard that farming is lonely.  Sounds like you’ve found a way to bust that!

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