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Finally, frost!

Frosted basel

Overnight, the first real killing frost finally hit. A couple of nights it had gotten close, touching some plants in the field, but this was the real deal. At 8am, the lower end of the garden was still in the shadow of the drive shed, and the frost still hadn’t burned off. Basil (above), the tenderest crop in the field, is the first thing I check in the morning for frost damage. Right beside, the zinnias are goners, but still holding color—as the day progresses, they’ll shrivel and turn brown…

Frosted zinnias

All in all, nothing unexpected or terrible—sooner or later, frost always arrives, and this time, the eggplants and peppers under row cover did fine. Besides, frost in the early morning light is pretty…

Frosted grass



  1. Love the Zinnia pic.  Bright bold colors of summer coverd with Autumn’s frost, lovely!  Kim

  2. Joan

    those are some beautiful shots you took!  and you have a very good attitude about the end of the season.

  3. Robin

    love the zinnia shot!  We had our first killing frost a week or so ago, and  it was bittersweet as well.

  4. willing hands organic farm

    as always,  excellent photography work……really enjoying the blog and watching how tinyfarm grows and changes


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