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First seed catalog of the year!

First seed catalog to arrive

Well ahead of the pack, Veseys takes first new seed catalog of the year. They’re a pretty marketing-oriented company, they get their stuff out early—this actually arrived a while ago, but I only got my hands on it now! Which is fine by me. I haven’t been this, well, EXCITED with that new-catalog feeling in a couple of years. That’s good. There is a lot of proper, well-ahead-of-time planning to do, expectations for 2012 run high! Whatever the weather!!



  1. Chris

    A lot more (as in 3) late-blight resistant tomato varieties from the seed houses this year – “Mountain Magic” did well for me (SW Ontario) while everyone else died (except Matt’s wild cherry, a blight resistant heirloom?)

  2. This is pretty cool to have each year. I don’t have anything that I get each year before the new season but I really do love looking over growing calendars and planning out the possibilities for the year.

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