First veg in the field: it’s peas!

First peas appear

Another little new-farm-new-field memorable moment: the first direct seeded crops, Sugar Ann snap (edible pod) peas are poking up. They were seeded just over a week ago, I’ve been watching them germinate, and today I first noticed them actually pushing up greenery. Not that I expected anything other than emergence as usual, still…this is cool! :)


9 thoughts on “First veg in the field: it’s peas!”

  1. I love seeing the seedlings push up from the soil…. especially when you can catch them unfurling.  Sometimes I’ve caught them when they are pushing up the soil on top, kind of like they are tossing off the covers of a bed, and the top comes right off as a big clump.  Never fails to amaze, seeing them pop out.

  2. So exciting when stuff germinates isn’t it? They just can’t grow fast enough for me. Trying to fend off all the slugs that want to eat them is a task as well!

  3. Peas are cool.  They’re (almost) instant gratification: you sow them early, and they grow fast.  I planted some last week and some more yesterday.  Really looking forward to the end of June, when they will be ready to pick.

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