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Direct seeding

Connor with Planet Jr.

Direct seeding is going ahead at a careful pace. There’s a fair amount of broken up sod in the mix, and it would be nice for it to have more time to settle in and decompose, also for any bits of live grass to start poking up so they can be disrupted again with a light tilling… But we can’t just wait around. Spinach, beets, and radish went in a few days ago, just after the first peas. More peas went in yesterday (Connor for the first time wrestles with the kinda heavy and unwieldy Planet Jr., above, and ends up doing fine on a trial row). Now, the watching and waiting is on for the first plants to emerge in the field…

Seed furrows



  1. Art Blomquist

    That pretty much looks like a “quarter horse” seeder!

  2. What a neat planting machine.  Does it have different settings for seed size/planting depth? All the vintage tools seem to work great and the newer ones leave something to be desired.  Looks like Connor did great, I hope he gets paid well!

  3. Charlotte

    How exciting!  I’ve really been enjoying watching daily growth, especially from the outside-seeds.  To have so many, over such a large space, must be rather thrilling.

  4. Lucky Maria

    I really love following along on your farming adventure.  Thank you so much.  I consider myself an armchair farmer now as I gaze out at the container garden in my urban backyard and read your blog.  Sigh.  Someday…

  5. Hey there Mike,

    Just stopped by to see how it was all shaping up for you, and it looks great.  I can relate to the craziness of a new farm, starting the season and also beginning to re-build your vision of a productive, working farm.  We also are seeding into freshly plowed ground (and a bit nervous), put up a new hoophouse, building a packshed, all while doubling CSA and starting farmers market a month early.  Are we crazy? Slightly.  But do we love it? Absolutely. 
    So I guess keep in mind that we’re right here in solidarity with you, starting over and planting new seeds.  We wish you a bountiful and prosperous season!!


  6. John Groetsch

    Dear Tiny Farmer,  I have a Planet Jr. planter but no instructions, etc. Do you know of sources or websites for the planter


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