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The sunflowers have been following the days for a little while now. I was not a sunflower fan until we started growing them a couple of years back, along with a bunch of other direct-seed cutting flowers—nothing like growing your own for attitude adjustment! Now, I love ’em (well, I…


Flowers galore

The flower sections have pretty well taken off over the last month, with the several beds of zinnias (above, directly below) offering up the biggest splash of color. We’re not harvesting the flowers, this season is a trial run, but they get regularly cut by everyone working in the field,…


View from the stand

It’s mid-July, and on a (recently rare) sunshiney afternoon, things are looking OK. Better from a distance than up close, because a few sections, like the summer and winter squash, are quite severely in the weeds and in need of intensive hand pulling. And the ground remains almost constantly wet.…