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Freezing rain

Freezing rain on glass

You hear quite a lot of “freezing rain” warnings over the course a year around here, but it’s something you seldom actually SEE. If you’re driving, it means treacherous invisible ice on the roads. Otherwise, it seems like…rain. This morning, the freezing rain was a little more interesting, a fairly fine, steady drizzle that more or less froze to most surfaces on contact, coating them with ice. Here’s how it looked through the glass window of the east-facing greenhouse door. Outside, that’s the farm stand (reflected, that’s me, hooded, and the hoophouse ribs)… If you’ve ever played with Photoshop, this is the REAL version of one of the basic special effects—except here you can’t play with the settings… ;) Kinda cool, and the sort of thing you pay attention to when you’re obsessively watching the weather forecasts, waiting for the rainy, cloudy cold snap to break (Tuesday?!) so the field can dry out, so you can get on with tilling, and seed those first PEAS already. Freezing rain!!!



  1. Oh dear! But what a marvelous photo! Yes, we’re still waiting for Spring here too, after another foot of snow this weekend. But it won’t last with 60s and rain in the next several days. Still…one does weary of it. Meanwhile the plants under lights downstairs are oblivious to the delay and as exuberant as ever. Perhaps I’ll take the hint and stop sulking.

  2. That looks so cold, I hope all your tender plants are all OK

  3. We are supposed to get snow tonight.  I hope not.  I’ve got things covered just in case, but …

  4. KMom246

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