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Tag: farm stand

After market

Around 1:25 p.m. and it’s just about time to head out from the farmers’ market, which officially ends at 1. This season, we’ve been storing the entire farm stand in the communal cage where vendors can leave stuff from Saturday to Saturday. The stand is quite the compact set-up, once…

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New chickenhouse progress

At the end of Day 2 (Day 1 was a few hours of mainly sorting pieces and leveling the base), the soon-to-be-reconstituted farm stand is taking shape, with the fairly massive 6×6 rough cut cedar posts in place. The new chickenhouse can’t be far behind…

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Freezing rain

You hear quite a lot of “freezing rain” warnings over the course a year around here, but it’s something you seldom actually SEE. If you’re driving, it means treacherous invisible ice on the roads. Otherwise, it seems like…rain. This morning, the freezing rain was a little more interesting, a fairly…


Drying out

Muted browns and greens are the colors of drying out. The wait for the snow to go is over, now, it’s waiting for the soggy soil to dry enough to till. Until then, there’s not much to do in the field other than walkaround and lookat future things to do.…