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Fuzzy little rosemary

Rosemary: first true leaves

Hmmm, so that’s what tiny rosemary seedlings REALLY look like with their first true leaves. I’m experimenting with the new camera. On macro, it’s practically a microscope. I can focus as close as 1 cm (less than half an inch) away. That’s a little tough to manage, but with 12 megapixels of resolution, I can focus from a more reasonable 6 inches away and then ZOOM IN in the image editing program. Rosemary gets a whole new look compared to the old camera. What a cool tiny farming tool, if you need pictures…



  1. I’ve been looking jealously at your close up photos, they are amazing. What camera is it?

  2. Cute! How long did it take to germinate your rosemary, by the way? We planted some seeds a couple years ago that took about 6 months to germinate! But they all did, and they’re happy plants now…

  3. Deborah: It’s a Canon G9. Had it for a few days. So far, it’s amazing. I did a fair bit of research, looking specifically for a camera for the field. Compact and solid are both important. This is a pretty unique camera from the hundreds or thousands of models out there, a point-and-shoot with the construction and features of a higher-end DSLR. At $500, a little pricey for snapshots, but it always pays to get quality garden tools!

    Melinda: You’re patient! These guys started coming up in around 10 days… They seem to do pretty well if they get buried a little too deep, they make their way up any old time. That’s what usually delays them here, dunno what held yours up!

  4. Thanks Mike,

    It’s a want rather than a need at the moment. I have a DSLR the Canon 350D (Rebel I think in the States) Old now but a good starter camera for me. Blog photos are using a tiny Olympus µ 4M that I won in a competition.

    I am just so envious of the macro and it’s got a good depth of field too – time to lust I think. Maybe if I come in under budget at the end of the year!!!

  5. […] most of the tomatoes. And some of the seedlings are beginning to call out for MORE ROOM. The rosemary (above) did really well, germinating steadily over several weeks, to the point where there are up […]

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