Parsley update

Curly parsley: true leaves emerge

Around two weeks after showing up, the first set of curly parsley is putting out its first true leaves. This is Krausa Market, a “triple curled” leaf variety. Aka moss-curled. There’s also double-curled leaves, like the Forest Green and Green Pearl, also in the trays. Single-curled? Don’t think so… I still have a little time to leisurely examine seedlings and wonder about such things. I started thinking about the farmers’ market and all the SPEAKING that involves (on a busy Saturday, it can be practically 6 hours of non-stop veggie talk), and the gazillion kinda BASIC details there are to know about every single crop. What are the main types of leaf lettuce? Are muskmelons the same as cantaloupes? What’s the difference between slicing and pickling cukes, or American, European and Middle Eastern cukes? How do you pronounce Chioggia beets? Stupice tomatoes? How do you cook ____? The possibilities are endless! Of course, I don’t need to know any of these things. I don’t even have to know the names of the varieties. Veggies grow regardless. When questions come up, I could shrug and say, “Dunno” or “Good question!” Still, I’d rather have some answers, pass on whatever I’ve picked up along the way. Right now, I’m still wondering about triple- and double-curled parsley, but that’ll pass… :)

4 thoughts on “Parsley update”

  1. I notice your seedlings are very stocky, even when very young. Do you attribute this to the lights you are using? In past seasons have they always looked this good, or is there another factor.


  2. Julie: I think they’re doing about the same as in the past. Right now when they’re very small and not too much is started, there are only two trays under each double fluorescent, and the lights are real close, 3-4 inches. Soon there’ll be twice as many trays per shelf, and the lights will have to be raised a lot higher, and then they’ll be reaching… You’ll see! :)

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