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One side of the barnyard leads to the market garden field. At the other end is a somewhat rundown goat barn full of…goats. These gals have nothing to do with the organics and the market garden, they’re just kinda pets, around 30 of them now, kept by Bob and Karen. In earlier years, I spent a fair bit of time checking them out. More recently, it’s too busy on this side to pay ’em much attention. But they’re there, a mixed breed lot, endlessly eating, wandering around, basking in the sun, sometimes pounding on one or another unlucky member of the herd for a day or two until the hierarchy is back in balance. Mostly, theirs seems like the laid-back good life…until a few get sold off for MEAT. For me, they’re an everyday reminder of how cool it’ll be when we finally get around to incorporating some livestock into the big garden plan. First, chickens?


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  1. Danelle Walters

    I am curious as of the specific breed of this goat.

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