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Weed gone to seed

Removing weed gone to seed

With more people in the field this year, end-of-season clean-up is already well underway. Here, Midori, visiting after moving to France a couple of years back, removes weeds that’ve gone to seed from three older beds of mesclun that’re waiting to be tilled in.

Ideally, finished beds would be promptly mowed down, spread with compost, tilled, and then seeded with a new veggie or cover crop a week or two later. Things aren’t usually that efficient, finished beds sometimes sit for weeks, weeds pop up in the interim, and if they go to seed, have to be removed before tilling so as not to add more seed to what’s already there…

Lying around: the green plastic garden totes are quite useful once the handles have been properly reinforced with rivets; the old builder’s wheelbarrow comes in handy for rocks, fallen tomatoes and the like.

The grass in front, in need of mowing, is part of a wide path on one side of the greenhouse, the grass beyond is the magnificent oats green manure cover crop.

Oh, no frost last night, as you can see from the happy peppers at the top of the pic!

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