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The quick hand tool reorganization in May has worked out well, with everything staying sorted and easy to find.  Oddly this year, the hand tools themselves seem to be getting less of a workout than in the past. It only struck me today, kinda strange, so I gave it some thought. Forks are still used regularly for harvest digging, rakes for finishing off beds for seeding, but the various hoes, usually grabbed daily, have in great part been replaced by the wheel hoe! Even the Horse rototiller is getting noticeably less work. Cool. The wheel hoe has proven, as expected, to be a brilliant tool. Saves countless hours, makes tedious jobs fun. Don’t market garden without it!


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  1. Hi, For bigger sized Lawns, New Technology is worth Everything. For a Small Lawn or Garden in Home, traditional tools will go. So better use these Shovels, Spades and Garden Forks.

  2. Tim: It’s from Valley Oak Tool Company in California. I’m absolutely happy with it, very solid, only damage so one of the steel handles has partially cut through the end cap of the rubber handgrip. In other words, it’s tough as well as effective. I spoke by phone with the farmer/toolmaker, David Grau, and he sounds cool to boot!

  3. Thanks Mike!  I was trying to decide on a low wheel or high wheel hoe and that one was on the top of my list. The different attachments look great!  I like the fact that it’s designed by a farmer.!


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