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Farmer in field

Hand watering in the field

Conall watering in mesclun in the late afternoon. Even on busy harvest Friday, plants need water if they’ve had no rain. Guest photo by Erin, with a different than usual, no less…realistic, view of the field. There’s nothing like being there to see for yourself! I cropped the photo to fit the format, but it’s the original that just catches a certain tiny farm feeling…

Hand watering in the field



  1. Erin Ellenberger

    I need to bring my camera out and try again!!
    Were they all that awful and blurry?!?
    Can’t wait for Friday!

  2. Erin: I didn’t exactly think you’d intended the blur, but I thought the photo worked (else I wouldn’t have posted it :). Conall’s gonna make it into a “My Farming Summer” postcard! There’s a kinda…blurry, hazy, late in the day farming mood that seems to go with repetitive tasks… Hope you don’t mind. It’s all snapshots!

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