Last market day of summer

Lynn at the market

We rang out the summer at the farmers’ market with a really lovely morning. I don’t remember what was going on here, but Lynn is looking a little under siege. You can’t ever call our market EXTREMELY busy, but it’s steady, and we get a few mini-rushes most days, where customers start to queue up. It’s always fun on food’s front line!

2 thoughts on “Last market day of summer”

  1. wow!
    2 posts in one day!
    for a tiny farm addict like me, this is as close to heaven as it comes.
    can it get better than this???
    thanks tiny farm blog. you’re awesome.

  2. raechelle: I’m DESPERATELY trying to catch up!!!! I could leap ahead, skip 10 days, and start back on time with today’s first SWEET POTATO HARVEST. BUT…I can’t bring myself to do it. I have photos and memories for just about every day in between, and I’m somehow COMPELLED to post them in order. As quickly as I can… I know I can do it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog…! :)


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