Harvest wet work

Rinsing and sorting carrots

Yet another in this summer’s series of wet and gray afternoons, the weather blending perfectly with the wet work of rinsing and sorting muddy root crops. Instant efficient team chemistry between Rachel and Mel, both doing post-harvest here for the first time. (Above, carrots, below, beets.) The process is very small scale and manual. Crops are first dumped from harvest bins onto the screen table, clinging earth is quickly blasted off with the jet setting on the water wand. Next, double handful bunches are dunked for a final rinsing. Then it’s back into the bins… Simple and quick for a few bushels. Get wet!

Rinsing and sorting beets

3 thoughts on “Harvest wet work”

  1. wow, those beets are gorgeous!  I would really love to visit, and work on, your tiny farm someday.  for now, I just love reading your stories.  Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  2. …..i also really love those Hollyhocks on the right in the beet pic…..seem to have a really hard time growing them here in South Coastal Georgia…..i too love reading your blog and have learned a lot here…

  3. When I look at the pictures, it reminds me of how the people in our neighborhood used to do whenever we have something big coming up during the harvesting season. Seeing the kind of mood spread around where everyone is happy is sure great.


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