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Harvest board revisited

Whiteboard harvest list

As the afternoon shadows get longer, Michelle checks out the harvest board to see what’s left to do for tomorrow’s farmers’ market. This same whiteboard is now in its third season of service, a little worse for the wear, with the surface no longer coming clean, and one edge of the frame fallen off (it’s lying there, right behind, waiting for repair), but fully functional. As long as I remember to keep it out of the rain and too much sun, it could have a few years in it yet. And I’ve grown to really like it. The shiny WHITENESS is a little glaring and kinda office-like—I considered switching to a chalkboard—but the printing stands out so well… It makes things clear, which is always good!



  1. Charlotte

    Looks good and practical to me!

  2. a little rubbing alchol will have your board shiny new again – I LOVE my whiteboard
    wheneever I can wipe the whole thing clean I take a little spirit on a cloth and scrub .. amazing!

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