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Juliet’s a fine tomato!

Juliet tomato seedling

The first tray of tomatoes is coming along nicely: Juliet (the fine saladette hybrid in the pic) and Striped German (a beautiful, big, bi-color heirloom), as unlike each other as can be, both in my top five all-around tomato picks of the last couple of years. I started this set early as a risk crop: if the weather looks at all promising, I’ll get them in the field in early May with row cover, and maybe gain a week or two on the “safe” last frost date (May 18). Hundreds of the earliest seedlings are at that stage where they have a few leaves now and are about to really shoot up! (On the lettuce-and-mouse front, no action with the traps I set out last night, and no more lettuce casualties: maybe the heady new smell of PEANUT BUTTER startled them off…for a while, at least.)

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