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Lettuce, peanut butter and mice

Fallen lettuce

Day Two of lettuce under siege. The enterprising field mice were back overnight, munching down another half dozen seedlings (by the angled bite where the stems were severed I’m pretty sure it’s mice). I stuck in white markers yesterday to mark the spots, so it would be easy to see if they’d come back for more. This time, instead of eating them or dragging them off, they just left ’em lying there. That’s plain rude. Anyhow, they’ve had their tithe, a tenth of the early lettuce. I’m all for live and let live, but if it’s them or the lettuce killed for sport, well, it’s out with the peanut butter and mouse trap surprise. (The little emerging seedlings scattered around are from some of last year’s early lettuce left to go to seed…the crop becomes its own weed!)


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  1. I hate those micies to pieces. After reading your post about the left over stems I think it must have been mice that got ALL my lettuces last year (I had thought pigeons). I’m not sure I’m ready for mouse traps yet though, but if it’s that or no more lettuce I might have to get mean.

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