Kale under cover

Kale and Brussels sprouts under row cover

Kale and Brussels sprouts are tucked away under floating row cover (with straw-mulched garlic in the back). This is usually to protect them from flea beetles that can devour the seedlings. This year, unfortunately, it’s also a deterrent to the sudden invasion of groundhogs. Invasion isn’t the right word if we’re talking about numbers, as my best guess is that there are only two doing the damage. Their work, though, is so far somewhat alarming. They have a particular taste for lettuce; they’ve already gone under and through the cover to get a it. But in the last couple of weeks, it seems they’re out to at least sample just about everything. Since last year, and especially this spring, I’ve seen several groundhogs in the general area, which is new and a lot. Last season, there was a little veggie munching, but nothing out of hand. So, to a point, live and let live. This time around, seems like it could get more serious. As far as pests and disease, from year to year, if it’s not one thing, it’s another…

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  1. Hi Mike, This is way out of season but I am very curious as to why you seem so hesitant to be clear about what growing zone you are in? I know growing zones are not the end-all, be-all, and much of your content isn’t that minutely specific, but I think it helps readers to make adjustments and create ideas for their own growing zone.
    Thanks for the information you do share!
    Millie Pressley

    • Mary/Millie: Zone 4 US, 5b Canada. The info is there in posts and comments, if you use search, eg: “zone”. I deliberately haven’t put location details up front because I don’t want that stuff to be a distraction. :)


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