Kids in the field

With carrots...

A fair number of kids have dropped by the farm, parents in tow, but today was the first time since I’ve been doing the tiny farm blog WITH PEOPLE INCLUDED, that smaller children figured directly into the fieldwork picture. Michelle, whom I’ve known for 4-5 years from the farmers’ market, and who now comes by to help harvest on Fridays, dropped in today with her three…kids. There’s the impossibly cute and BUSY Violet, age two (above), who was into a bit of everything, like collecting carrots and eating every veggie she got her hands on. Allie (6) was really helpful, harvesting carrots with Lynn and Maria, harvesting beets and cauliflower with me, totally pulling her weight. Big brother Michael (8) kept Violet out of trouble here and there, but mainly chatted with me in some depth about his rugby and hockey teams, his parents views towards his sports performance, the video game he’s currently playing,…and other stuff. While Michelle cut a huge amount of all-lettuce mesclun, the kids hung out, did some useful fieldwork, and overall contributed in a surprisingly great way to the harvest afternoon vibe… Another happy side of the Tiny Farm Experience!

Checking out a twisted carrot

Fun with carrots…

Carrot digging lesson

Lynn conducts an impromptu field seminar, featuring…carrots.

Another twisted carrot

Allie eats and inspects carrots at the same time…

Kid and harvest

Strike a pose… Kids in the TFE!

11 thoughts on “Kids in the field”

  1. Oh, what a cute picture is this! Michelle is adorable.
    This is so important to bring kids closer to nature to make them feel and understand.
    In the future as adults they will live in much more polluted world.

  2. So brilliant to be encouraging  young people to grow veggies, that will stay with them for the rest of their lives as it did to me many moons ago!

  3. Forgive me for this blatant exploitation of adorable (I live in Los Angeles County. I can’t help that I’ve been infected!), but that first picture (Violet?) needs to be a logo or business card or something o’ the marketing variety. Just too precious!

  4. *sigh* They grow like weeds, don’t they.

    I have very fond memories of my grandfather’s backyard garden, of digging up and peeling carrots and eating them right there in the row. I’m enjoying passing that along to my kids now, and hopefully any grandkids in the distant future.

  5. This is great! The earlier that children get involved in growing the better as far as I’m concerned. Great pics as well!

  6. Lovely kids and it’s good they are into gardening and watching the veggies grow.  Gardening can be fun and the whole family can help out!

    From seed to harvest.

  7. She is adorable.
    Love to see kids helping out in the garden and  teaching kids  how to grow things from seed at an early age, can help kids, when they grow up and want a garden of their own.


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