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Leeks appear

Leek emerging

That was quick! After barely four days, the Jolant 75-day early leeks are poking up quite vigorously (there are early leeks and long season one’s that’re usually 100 days+ and more cold hardy). I used a mix of seed from last year and three years ago. Seed from the onion family has a short shelf life, it’s usually rated good for only a year, and I’ve noticed a pretty big drop in germination rate (I tested 2-year-old green onion seed, and it went from 88% germination to around 50%). Anyhow, because of that, I was pretty generous, dropping in maybe 6-8 seeds per, which will be thinned down to one or two. Anyhow, these guys are just raring to go…!



  1. Leeks are very tolerant seeds aren’t they. Last year I chucked a whole packet into a quarter size seed tray and there they stayed for nearly 3 months. Luckily I had some friend arrive and they planted them for me. I lost more through over enthusiastic hoeing than just dieing – and they taste pretty good too.

    Mine took longer to germinate, about a week or more, so that shows the efficiency of your seeding process.

    seeing all your seedlings is pushing me to get mine in but I still have a field to plough and a kitchen to build and install and no greenhouse. Patience, thats what I need.

  2. Connie

    Hi – just wanted to say “Good Morning” and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Quite an accomplishment getting seeds started, growing and harvesting in any environment and with elements you have no control over.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  3. Steve Mudge

    Down here in Texas leeks are grown in the winter, so I sowed the seed in September but nothing came up…figured I got a bad seed lot. Went ahead and overseeded some beets into the same bed and in mid-October the Leeks started sprouting! If I read the situation right, it turns out the leeks won’t germinate if the soil temps are too warm (its usually the other way around). Anyway, we’ve got some small to mid-size leeks that should be harvestable in another month or so, as well as some beet greens!

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