Mesclun, mesclun, everywhere!

New beds of all-lettuce mesclun

As I check things out for the Friday harvest, it’s mesclun, mesclun, as far as the eye can see. Well, as far as fits in the camera’s eye, held down at leaftop over three new 50′ beds. But it feels like a whole lotta mesclun, after a month of tight supply of this mainstay tiny farm crop. After one really poor succession planting (the seventh of the season), things got steadily better. Now, we’re on a healthy second cut of five beds that look set for even a nice third trimming, and these new ones have sized up in time for harvest tomorrow… Sweet!

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  1. I just wanted to comment on the extraordinary bright and vibrant photo’s on this blog.. makes you want to go out and get some fresh veggies.. Thanks !


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