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Watering till the end!

Sprinklers in September

Although there’s still plenty of moisture in the ground from recent rains, there’s no harm in supplying a little more to take advantage of the relative abundance of heat and sunshine that we’re getting, even as the days get shorter. After a couple of near-zero nights last weekend, it’s all spring and summer conditions now, and forecast for the next week at least: warm, sunny days and oddly warm nights. More freak weather: it’s conceivable that the first killing frost, averagely due tomorrow, doesn’t show up for…another month! Weird…


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  1. Steve Mudge

    Fort Worth was officially placed in USDA Zone 7b instead of its former status in 7a since the winters have been less severe of late. Mexican Fan Palms are surviving the winters here now–some look to be at least 15 years old. I remain unconvinced of the causes as yet(when I look at the last billion years of climate data on the earth this is a very minor event, but cautiously tipping in favor of mankind helping this one along); whatever the cause, the climate has been warming around here lately too!

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