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More Friday greens…

Harvesting spinach

Friday harvest and it’s still all greens: spinach, all-lettuce mesclun, beet greens! Despite the recent heat and ample rain, the overall amount of cloudiness that came with all the rain of the last 40 days has slowed things down quite a bit. It’s still early on, but I’m anticipating next week and the start of CSA shares, when the prospects look to be about the same. Not even RADISHES are growing too quick. Lynn, Erin (harvesting above, right beside the garlic) and Mike were along for a few hours to help out. And there are LOTS of greens for market!! (Guest photo by Lynn)



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  2. I love this time of year, so many lovely greens to harvest. I have used spinach as a ground cover this year, I have interplanted the taller plants such as tomatoes and corn with spinach.

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