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Off to the hoophouse

The semiheated hoophouse

The first set of tomatoes is now in the unheated (but heatable!) hoophouse. They’re freshly installed in 3″ Jiffy pots (peat pots that can be planted), watered in, and awaiting the first night’s cold. It’s supposed to go down to 3°C (37°F), which isn’t bad, but it’s always chillier in the field than in the forecast. Peeking out from under the table, two fat little propane tanks: round about midnight, I’ll be on temperature patrol, ready to fire up the propane construction heater if it looks like a freeze. Working the night shift. Farming after dark!



  1. Jolyne

    Thanks so much for taking the time to blog and record your process! I have returned to college and I’m studying horticulture and sustainable agriculture – I’m in the process of deciding what it is I want to do upon graduation and I am grateful for people such as yourself that are willing to share their knowledge and experience. It helps reassure me that I am on the right path! Can I ask a personal question? What was it you were doing before you decided to start farming? Thanks again.


  2. Hi Jolyne,

    I don’t mind answering your question, but I don’t think it matters what or where you’re coming from, actually doing and seeing what happens seems to be in the end what really counts. In my case, I’ve always been involved in starting up, organizing, figuring things out, and for quite a long time in my own small print publishing business, which no doubt helped a lot in dealing with all of the million new details at first, and allowed me to get started from scratch on my own, from reading, asking questions, talking to people. Indie, entrepreneurial spirit and all that. But others who’re wired differently and perhaps need more initial structure could rely more on school, apprenticeships, really extensive research and pre-planning and the like to get started, instead of plunging in straightaway… Whichever way, with this tiny farming, it’ll only truly start to sort itself out and make sense once you get going, so getting out there in the field is the big trick… Hope that’s helpful!

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