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Heading out…

Greenhouse action

The cold spell seems to be broken, the nights are going down to zero F instead of -10. Time to start moving the main act to the hoophouse. First out, some hardy brassicas: a tray each of broccoli and bok choi, and a mixed tray including some parsley that I set out a couple of days ago as an extreme cold test. This is my first year for early season brassicas, so I’m a little cautious, although I’m well familiar with their general hardiness in the fall. These probably could’ve been out earlier. In front of the table, the lettuce, with the carnage renewed. Overnight, the voles tore apart another 10 seedlings, and I noticed they’d eaten the growing points off another dozen of the red lettuce, taking the toll to 30-40, depending on whether a few recover. Measures, as in, more strategically positioned snap traps and filling in the perimeter, have been taken. In any case, no worries, there’s lots more on the grow! OK, sitting beside the trays on the table, there’s the Heater, intended for construction sites and the like, which hooks up to a regular BBQ propane tank and provides a good amount of heat for surprisingly little gas. It’s not needed yet, but when the tomatoes and other tender guys come out, it will likely be on at night.



  1. Mathias

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog! I have similar aspirations and find your site a useful resource for information and techniques, please keep it up! Our climates are similar, but I would guess you are in a zone 5. We are about 3 weeks behind you up here in zone 3 so its kind of like a “preview” to see what your up to.

    Good Inspirational stuff!


  2. Mathias,

    Thanks! This year should be fun, and I’m looking forward to blogging it all!!


  3. Things look really great in the hoophouse! There is nothing better than walking into one and smelling vegetation when it’s cold out…

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