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The spreader

The spreader

Last of the big machine work! Bob using the spreader to drop off a pile of compost for distribution by shovel (shot two days ago). There is something really satisfying in this crazy world about technology that is straightforward, like a giant fan-blade device for tossing manure far and wide! Today, I finished rototilling the new section, ending the main tractor work. From here, most of the fieldwork is done by hand—the biggest machine is the little Kubota. Later on in the day, it rained, only 5mm but enough to save hours of watering-in newly seeded beds. Time to start keeping track of the rain…



  1. What a fabulous photograph. An action shot. Lets hope you didn’t get caught in the cross fire! You have inspired me to try and get some action shot photos of our machinery! We hire a muck spreader on our farm, normally a ten tonne spreader with vertical beaters. It’s great unless the machine gets stuck!

    Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

  2. I saw your picture and could only think:
    Now THAT looks like fun!

  3. Glad you like the photo! Spreading I find hilarious. I’m sure watching must be a great tension-reliever. The first time I saw a spreader in action going across a field, I couldn’t stop laughing. I still get a goofy grin when I see one at work. It’s such a literal industrial thing AND you’ve got a picture to go with when there’s talk of shit hitting the fan!

    (I recently cracked open the camera manual to see how to change from auto shutter and exposure to shutter-priority—the more you use something, the more you gotta mess with it, I guess. :) Now I usually take movement pics in full daylight at 1/500th or sometimes higher, generally much nicer than the usual auto action blur. Although there isn’t that much high-speed activity around here, other than water from a hose!)

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