Orange-breasted, worm-eating buddy

American robin

One of my annual garden companions. First met the American robin when I started veggie farming. I thought it was a sign. The bird was darting around the garden quite near me, darting a ways, then stopping, seeming to follow me, not looking worried when I turned towards it. I wasn’t used to birds being so…grounded—urban pigeons and scavenging seagulls didn’t count, this was the country!I came to the logical conclusion that it was following me, was resonating with my kindred earthy spirit, acknowledging my oneness with Nature, accepting me into the tribe. Of course, turns out that running around looking for bugs and earthworms, especially in open, freshly tilled fields, was just what the American robin does. I was only a part of its landscape. Oh well.

These guys are here every year, keeping company in the field. Later in the season, I sometimes see the chicks zooming around, cuter than kittens. (I read that American robins are known to tie one on when they can, they gorge on a certain berry when it’s fermented, get drunk, topple over as they dart around. Cool. Don’t berry and fly!)

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