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Rain barrel runneth over

Rain into rain barrel

The Weather recently: three weeks of hot-no-rain, followed by a couple of days of intense rain, 2″ each, then, three days of sweltering heat wave, a couple more days of intense 2″ rain, now, three days of perfect balmy summer, with the forecast for the next few days calling for cool to cold and cloudy. The rain barrels filled up several times over (the pic is from the last bout of heavy rain, three days ago). Interesting!



  1. Where does your overflow go? do you divert it somewhere

    • Jeane: No diversion, overflow goes into the ground. There’s a barrel, around 50 gal., at each corner of the building, and less than a 1/4″ of rain completely fills all four. It takes hardly any rain at all to top them up. So far, that’s been way more than we need for indoor seedlings. Seedlings in the greenhouse are watered by hose from the well.

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