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Rock, pebble, stone


[From 8-May-2013] Imagine a world of soil without stones… In the three farming locations I’ve fully worked, they’ve been everywhere and in all sizes. You get used to them: collecting heavier, smoother specimens for weighting row cover, moving even bigger ones to avoid breaking tines on the rototillers, piling up the grapefruit and orange-sized rocks by the tractor bucket load, and raking the smallest out of the way of the seeders. I have experimented a bit with how much I can leave and still have the seeders not bounce around and lay down seed unevenly. Raking as the last step of bed preparation is still the way we go.


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  1. hi, i am really happy to find your blog,

    i am creating my own tiny farm. mine is accually only 1600 sqm :), its a garden accually.
    i just want to thank you for all the great ideas and inspirations :) . i try to do the same

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