Somewhat submerged!

Waterlogged in December

It’s a wet December! After only a couple of days of rain, the ground is pretty well waterlogged, to the point where I can’t move the Kubota compact tractor without leaving deep furrows that’ll be totally compacted and eventually dry like concrete. So, before being rained out entirely three-quarters of the way through the job, it was slogging on 100′ round trips through boot-sucking muck, one forkload of hay at a time, to mulch garlic—not a big deal, there’s only a 100′ bed and a half to cover, but the EASIER plan was to use the tractor to push the big round bale to the garlic bed. Guess not. Lesson: Um, don’t wait! :)

6 thoughts on “Somewhat submerged!”

  1. It’s a frustrating late fall! The past 3 years old man winter has already moved in. I was able to do some tilling 2 weeks ago and being greedy was hoping to do some more this coming weekend but it’s just TOO WET!
    I’m in Brechin just North of you I believe.

    • Mike: Yeah, I thought about that, too, but tilling is over with, even though…no snow. I’m hoping to get a last bit of fieldwork done next…Monday. It’s supposed to warm up with sun again. Can’t help pushing it! :)


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