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Starting the new chickenhouse

Building the new chicken coop

Forty two-week-old meat chickens arrive in two days: now sounds like a great time to begin building a new chickenhouse. It’s not like we’re starting from scratch. The plan is to reassemble and repurpose the once-and-formerly-future farm stand. With its fairly massive floor, 6×6 rough cut cedar posts, and galvanized roof, it should be a fairly solid and complete framework, just add some studs and plywood. Except, the stand was completely taken apart for the old-farm-new-farm move, with the exception of the base, which was only cut in two. So it’s kind of a puzzle. Michael gets to work! (Elsewhere today, another shopping trip to our farmers’ market…our attendance record is so far perfect…)



  1. Scott

    What kind of chickens did you order?

  2. morello

    what a complete farm. chickens and plants.. hmm i wish i have one..

  3. Sarah

    Wow….. someone else with my sense of timing. Nothing like a deadline to put a fire under certain parts of the anatomy. Good luck and I look forward to more chicken photos.

  4. J. Eric

    Greetings from Eastern Washington – California weather, none of the people!  Found your blog a while back and have enjoyed reading it.  I’m a beekeeper (sometimes) and one of my retirement goals is to build a Chicken coop.  I have loved birds my whole life and have raised Homing Pigeons.  But pigeon eggs are too small and I have grown accustomed to chicken eggs.  Yum!  I’ll be following its construction.  Nice blog.

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