Checking potatoes

Potatoes are looking good, all weeded and hilled, around seven weeks after going in. There’s been a Colorado potato beetle watch on for the last few days, the little guys are out in some force this year, more than in the last couple, although not a major problem so far. Control is time-consuming (what isn’t … Read more

Potatoes go in

Gold Rush potatoes, ready to be buried. Potatoes are yet another work in progress, as I experiment with simpler, better ways to grow ’em at my particular hand-tended scale. This year’s seeding method: use hoe to make shallow trenches, drop potatoes every 18″ or so (more spaced this time than the usual 12″), walk down … Read more

Fuller share

By mid-August, the CSA shares are nearing their peak. Here we have eggplant, carrots (including a new purple addition, Purple Haze), onions, beets, potatoes, yellow beans, summer squash, tomatoes, rosemary, plus salad mix out of sight. Still waiting on melons, winter squash, main season broccoli, fall cauliflower. And there’s more! :)