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Garden near the end of May

If you can average a month’s weather with one photo, this is pretty well it for the days of May this year, hovering between bright and sunny and gloomy and overcast, veering one way or another for a day or two, or even from one end of the day to the other. The freezing nights have just let up, which is good. We’ve also been getting a nice amount of rain: the month’s average so far is that magic inch-a-week (25mm), the veggie gardening rule of thumb for perfect rainfall. Many hours of dragging around and positioning hoses and sprinklers, and gassing up the irrigation pump, have been SAVED! That’s a big bonus, the total opposite of the last two years. The field is clear and amazingly weed-free (at a distance, at least)—more sun would benefit both the direct-seeded crops and the (kinda evil) pigweed. Less sun and cooler temperatures are also great for transplanting, which is the main thing going on right now. So it’s a toss-up, but I’m slightly more liking the colder, cloudier weather for now than not. As if I had a choice… :)

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