Zukes in the field

Transplanted zucchini in the field

Zucchini, transplanted into the field a couple of weeks ago, don’t seem to be doing much so far. Don’t be fooled! Once they get settled—I imagine a lot of root action, spreading wide and down—they will explode. Pop! They’ve been under row cover to protect them from the cucumber beetles that attack all the cucurbits. I’m giving them some air on yet another mainly cloudy day. It’s generally not a good idea on the leaf disease front to keep our local garden veggies in warm damp conditions that can happen under row cover when there’s not a lot of sun. Looking at the photo, I can’t help but notice all the other garden would-be inhabitants, what we call weeds. I see some thistle, mallow, dandelion and of course, pigweed (aka amaranth). Like the zukes, they only seem like they’re not doing much…because I recently wheel hoed!

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