First seed catalog to arrive

First seed catalog of the year!

First seed catalog to arrive

Well ahead of the pack, Veseys takes first new seed catalog of the year. They’re a pretty marketing-oriented company, they get their stuff out early—this actually arrived a while ago, but I only got my hands on it now! Which is fine by me. I haven’t been this, well, EXCITED with that new-catalog feeling in a couple of years. That’s good. There is a lot of proper, well-ahead-of-time planning to do, expectations for 2012 run high! Whatever the weather!!


2 thoughts on “First seed catalog of the year!”

  1. A lot more (as in 3) late-blight resistant tomato varieties from the seed houses this year – “Mountain Magic” did well for me (SW Ontario) while everyone else died (except Matt’s wild cherry, a blight resistant heirloom?)

  2. This is pretty cool to have each year. I don’t have anything that I get each year before the new season but I really do love looking over growing calendars and planning out the possibilities for the year.

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