At least a little rain

Misty day

Today had all the makings of a slow, steady, gentle soaking, but so far, a mainly misty downfall has added up to a measly 5mm. Of course, I’m not unappreciative of ANYTHING in the way of rain. And the plants are looking mighty perky. Overall, the field is heading into that final sizing up stage that leads to main season fullness (see three weeks ago). Time can move so fast. Some real rain, please!

2 thoughts on “At least a little rain”

  1. We’re totally soaked and cold over here in the UK – I’d send some rain over to you if I could because nothing’s growing on my plot because it’s all so soggy!

  2. Gosh, can we trade weather for a week? It’s been rainy and cold here in Nova Scotia – everything is at least 2 weeks behind. We don’t even have peas yet!


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