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Weekly Harvest Share #2

Weekly Harvest Share #2
A pretty satisfying second installment of our “experimental” Weekly Harvest Share:  “Like CSA, but one week at a time…”! Satisfying because, for the first time this season, harvest day felt kinda normal, with around 20 items harvested, enough variety to have to pick what went into the shares. And the winners, the veggies that made it through thick and thin: kale (Red Russian—no worries about running out of RR…), beets (Kestrel), carrots (Nelson), zucchini (Golden Dawn III, always there in numbers), cukes (Fanfare, Lemon), baby leaf lettuce (house blend, and a nice first cut!), beans (Jade, Indy Gold, first picking of this planting), assorted cherry tomatoes, green onion (Ramrod), sweet pepper (Cubanelle, picked young and green), onion (yellow cooking, from sets, kinda…compact), peppermint & spearmint (bagged, for tea!), and eggplant (old reliable Dusky). So, better late than never!



  1. What a beautiful assortment of veggies!

  2. That’s an awesome Weekly Harvest Share, so jealous about those eggplants.  However, give us, maybe, 3 months and we hope to be producing some of that sort of produce.  The eggplants will have to come later.
    Mind you, we are 6 months behind you guys in the North.
    I feel like some sick voyeur Mike, (maybe not so sick) but I have followed your blog from the beginning and, even though I was going ahead anyway, it has given me more confidence because I have found someone doing almost exactly what I was planning.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome! We are trying to get the same thing happening down here in Australia! Your website has been a great source of inspiration! Thanks for sharing :-)

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  5. Chrtisti

    This blog was very inspiring and helpful. It showed how the different CSA projects and programs have helped people through the years. The different assortment of vegetables that you were able to share and provide and even have the choice to sell what you chose and keep what you didn’t is pretty accomplished.

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