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Chickens arrive!

Chick through the airhole

That was fun! Picked up the CHICKENS, wood shavings, and starter feed mix at the feed store. On this beautiful, sunny day, the airy, skylighted boxes looked like a deluxe place to be for a traveling chicken. Back on the farm, wood shavings were spread and waterers filled, and then the two-week old chicks were let loose. I lifted around 20 out by hand, a start on getting to know the guys. There are 50 in all (though I forgot to do the official count while unpacking), 40 White Rock Cornish X and 10 Frey’s Special Dual Purpose cockerels, all healthy, energetic, pretty much same-sized and apparently happy, running around like maniacs, jamming themselves into intense corner huddles, and PECKING AWAY at the feed and everything else in sight…

More chickens through an airhole

Yes, right from the airhole view, they’re definitely entertainment! I could watch ’em for hours (and, sorta, did…could’ve been tilling…). Chickens…

Chicks in boxes

Fresh whitewash and wood shavings: it all looks so airy and CLEAN!

Taking chickens out of their box

White Rock Cornish X: At the end of their journey, the chicks were rather calm…

Chick profiled

Food, water, heat lamp, some stroking and handling: what more could a little meat bird want? :)



  1. How fun! Those are two-week-olds? Boy, they grow fast.

  2. Oh so sweet. Great photos! They are very entertaining. When we got ours last summer we watched them for hours on end too. Grow strong little chicks!

  3. Don’t they look cute, and the hen house looks pretty good too!
    I’m also impressed with the packaging for them – were they only 8 to a box as well?  If so you obviously have a good supplier who cares about their welfare.
    Now don’t forget everything else you’ve been raring to get on with and watch them too much :-D

  4. You were warned. You will spend more time watching them than you ever thought possible. Chickens, the original thing to watch for no reason.

  5. Andrea

    I thought you were getting laying hens…? mmmm – chicken!

  6. oooooh… I can sit for hours watching our henrettas (meh, they all got the same name.. it’s easier that way!)
    way more entertaining than tv.

  7. Great pictures! The chicken house looks awesome.

  8. yes yes yes chickens! We’re planning to get about 50 of a rainbow layer assortment later on when the prices drop a little. Baby chickens are just hours of endless fun. I love love love Spring!

  9. Just found your blog. LOVE IT! Loved hearing about your little chicks arrival. My girls are in a 4-H Poultry project and we have about 18 birds now. Passed on chicks this year as we just have more than we want/need right now. I’m glad to know that we are not crazy, as we all will often sit around and just watch the birds for hours! LOL! Good to hear that other chicken owners do the same.

  10. Oh isnt springtime fun!! Thanks for sharing those cute pics!! We are adding to our flock this spring usually we hatch our own but i want all ‘girls” no roosters this time!!! LOL

  11. Thanks for all the upbeat comments! Chickens do seem to make people happy…!! :)

    Jenny: Yep, two weeks old! Compared to newborns, they are pretty big… Plus, most of these are White Rock Cornish X, a really fast-growing meat bird, so they may be a little larger than other breeds, even this early, although they looked about the same size as the other breed in there, the Frey’s Special Dual Purpose.

    Deborah: Yes, that’s how they came, deluxe traveling accommodations. I think the hatchery (Frey’s) is good, because I called them to ask pretty basic questions about dual purpose vs White Rock for meat, expecting standard answers, especially since this must be a particularly busy time for them, and got a very personal, detailed reply instead. That’s always cool, people who’re really interested in what they’re doing! ;)

    Andrea: The layers come June 23rd, ready to lay!

  12. Joe

    Hi im from england and i was looking at your chicks. i have 11 fully grown hens and i am looking to start looking after young like yours. what is nessasery to do so

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