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Crops for Fall

Fall brassicas

Newly released from row cover, five new beds of brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale) get ready for Fall. Beyond, tomatoes (and beyond that, the farm across the road, they gather honey). In front, a vacated section that contained the season’s first planting of peas seeded way back in April, and is now awaiting a mid-August green manure cover crop of…oats! And still, no rain…



  1. Steve Mudge

    Nice looking Brassicas…did you leave the row cover on so long to keep out the Cabbage Loopers?

  2. Steve: No, it’s the flea beetles, they’re still around, but at this size, the plants can generally handle ’em if they’re less than a swarm. Could’ve left ’em under cover for a while longer, except the weeds go crazy under there as well and it seldom works out that we take it off, weed quickly, and float it back on (sounds simple, is simple, somehow hard to actually get done!).

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