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Early season harvest day

Handweeding garlic

It’s a harvest Friday, second for the farmers’ market, and first for CSA, but the load is still light. After picking snap peas, we spent the day doing other field work. In the photo, Libby, Jordan and Michelle are hand-weeding the small strip of spring-planted garlic, and we spent some labor-intensive time thinning a 400′ (122m) of carrots, and several beds of beets (the thinnings were the beet greens harvest). In late afternoon, time to cut greens: spinach and mesclun. Plus a little parsley.

Checking back over the last four years, at this time, we had broccoli once, radishes usually, baby Swiss chard a couple of times. And, of course, garlic scapes. And, a couple of years, no peas yet. So, all in all, with the slightly slower planting schedule in this start-up this garden, and all the cloudy weather, we’re doing pretty well!

Early season harvest: peas and greens



  1. Your produce looks great! I think I have your share of leaf miner this year, your beets and spinach are impecable.

  2. Wonderful harvest after all your hard work! I’m sure it is much appreciated.

  3. EtienneG

    I am very late this year too.  The peas are just plumping up, and the beans are barely six inches high.  My squashes only have about six real leave, but they are doing great, thanks to tight beetle and powdery mildew control (baking soda does miracle).
    The tomatoes are in flower, though, and some even bear tiny fruits.  I am expecting a bumper crop of tomatoes.
    Strangely, one thing that is early this year are the raspberry.  My daughter picked a few yesterdays that were not-quite-ripe-but-almost yet.  I am expecting we will start harvesting regularly sometime next week.

  4. Max Crichton

    I wish I had the money to do what you have done, I have my own back yard organic veggie garden which produces about 25% of our fresh veggie requirements. To be able to live a life of doing what you enjoy doing & getting paid for it as well must be a good feeling, with the added advantage of the satisfaction of seeing the end results being appreciated by others.
    The only thing that dissapointed me with your web site is the side of the animals, I am all for having fowl & ducks etc for keeping within the boundries of sustainability & the collection of their products (eggs, manure etc) however, being of a non consumer of meat products, I found it a bit hard to read. However, in saying that, each to their own & that this is my choice.
    Putting this to the side, you have the ultimate life style that I can only dream off, Enjoy what you have & keep up the good work. We need good healthy unpoisoned foods.

  5. really nice.  I referenced your blog in one of my own posts, it was so lovely.  keep on!

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