Sort, bundle, bag

Outdoor packing station

Fridays put this tiny farming system to the test, if we don’t get everything done for market and CSA shares, things would simply…CRUMBLE!!! Rain or shine, Friday is the main day for bringing in the weekly harvest, when we have to pick, sort, rinse, and bundle or bag 60-80 of everything that’s ready for the Saturday farmers’ market (about half of the CSA shareholders also pick up at the market). This week, the veggie selection is still small: beets, carrots, shell peas, green onions, mesclun, parsley. Here, at 6 pm, the picking, digging and pulling part is mostly finished and it’s mainly post-harvest action in the shade of the barn: Erin and Mike (not me, another Mike) bag and weigh just-rinsed mesclun, while Conall bundles baby carrots.

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