Simple stew

Beef stew

In the end, this is all about food and eating. Tonight, back to basics: heat applied to simple, locally grown ingredients, no culinary art or even a favorite recipe, just some mellow cooking. In the pot: grass-fed beef from a few miles down the road, plus, from our harvest, onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, and green beans, well water, and a little store-bought salt and pepper. Simmered, covered for a while, for a couple of hours. The Yukon Gold potatoes, medium starchy, added thickness without melting away to mush. The beans, teaming up with the carrots, contributed a little veg lightness to the…stew. Dinner! (Fall must be in the air…)

3 thoughts on “Simple stew”

  1. Wow that looks great! I love soups and stews, it’s one of the best parts of Fall! I especially love to break out the dutch oven. I was seriously bummed though, as I was planning on dutching today and found my pot had a large crack in it. Oh well and excuse to buy another!


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