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Hardening off continues

Tomato hardening off in the sun

Ferrying 60 trays of seedlings in and out of the seedling room continues. When you focus up close on a lush green tomato leaf, decked out in droplets after a gentle hand watering, everything seems peaceful and orderly on the tiny farm. This is not untrue, but it’s also pretty crazy around here with the MANY THINGS TO DO. One more rainy stretch in the next few days, then heat and sun are in the longer range forecast—looks like our big gift for spring, free irrigation via regular rain, will soon run out, so WATER in the field is next on the gotta-get-it-running list. As May rapidly unfolds, it’s all about the To-Do-Now!



  1. Yeah, we’ve been doing the 60 MPH gardening technique for a couple of months now. WHEW!


  2. Wow,  this is what every gardener wishes for. A healthy happy seedling ready to face the world outside. I can see all the hardwork that goes behind to get such good seedlings. Wishing good luck for you and the seedlings too :).

    I follow your blog almost everyday and it is very interesting to read your posts.  I have a balcony garden.  When you call your two-acre farm as microfarm, I can only call mine nano-farming.. even smaller than that.

    Keep posting…

  3. organicsheri

    Are those soil blocks or peat pots.
    They look lovely. I’m also doing the seedling tray shuffle.

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