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Removing burlap from carrots

Wouldn’t DREAM of starting carrots without the  burlap method now. Maria and Lynn remove burlap from the third planting of the season, using the fold and fold again approach rather than rolling it up…



  1. mike

    Hi, enjoying your blog. What was your burlap method for the carrots?

  2. Yes, ditto on mike. I’m curious about the burlap. Would you please share?

  3. and a third – what is burlap?

  4. Nat West

    Mike will, of course, chime in, but to answer Deborah, here is a picture of burlap:

    It’s a natural fiber with little holes in it. Depending on the weave, the holes can be tighter or wider.

    My guess is that he covers the seeds with burlap so they don’t get eaten by birds, and then the burlap helps prevent wind-borne weed seed distribution and germination. Carrots make skinny little greens when they’re just sprouting, so the burlap comes up right off the beds without ripping out the baby plants.

  5. I added a link in the post to an explanation of the burlap method!

  6. Thanks for that Mike and Nat.  Burlap is what I would call Hessian or sack cloth although I would guess in this case it would be a very coarse weave to let the plants pull through safely when you lift it.

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