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More local food, cooking!

Local beef sausage and garden veg, cooking

OK, perhaps not the MOST appetizing of food photos, but the point is, that’s how it looked, and it tasted great—more all-local, dead-simple cookery! Here we have my first time with this grass-feed beef honey garlic sausage from a few miles down the road—I could actually taste…honey; unusual and good! Alongside in the cast iron pan, sweet orange pepper (Orange Sun), the very last, slightly green zucchini (Golden Dawn III), and a mess of yellow cooking onion, all from the field. A little imported olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper, let braise-simmer for a while—an hour or so, with the zucchini added near the end—and…Bob’s yer uncle! Delicious, nutritious (I’m pretty sure), fun. :)



  1. Judy Eidle

    OMG it looks great. Grass feed beef honey garlic sausage for the win! I need to check if I can get any of that locally near me. BTW, I just tweeted this too (from @judyeidle).

  2. Maggie Lawson

    Yum! and so bittersweet to say goodbye to that sweet orange pepper and zucchini.
    I love when the seasons change and you get the best of both. In Northern California we’re saying goodbye to heirloom tomatoes and we’re saying hello to the winter squash and sweet potatoes of fall and winter. Soft sweet potatoes studded with fresh tomatoes anyone!?!

  3. Wow, now I am hungry.  This looks especially awesome.  You have inspired my next Sunday meal.  Love the grass fed sausage.  Thanks!

  4. joey

    That really looks delicious. I love that you use sausage for your source of protein. I always show people this video of free range grass fed pigs running freely because it demonstrates why grass fed meats are superior to any other meats. Pigs running freely like nature intended truly beautiful.

    • Nice video! It must look unusual to most people (including me!) to see pigs with so much pasture, as opposed to the usual degrees of confinement. Cool!

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