Frost protection time again

Row cover frost protection

The frost-warning forecast from a couple of days ago, for 1°C (34°C), moved up a day to tonight. so there’s row cover all over the field. Some of it was floated out against the possibility of frost, the rest, as so-far-effective deer deterrent. Up front, around 800′ of snap beans, just starting to form, are bundled up against the cold. Then, row cover over carrots, and farther, lettuce, has been in place for a few days, and seems to still be keeping the deer from munching. In the distance, peppers and eggplant are under frost protection. Elsewhere, we’ve covered a few beds of cherry tomatoes to prepare for tonight. Winter squash and pumpkins are mostly in, and summer squash and cucumbers are finished, and the rest out there are hardy enough, and that’s about it!

3 thoughts on “Frost protection time again”

  1. Yay! Blog posts! I’ve been missing your blog.
    About deer … this year I found out that if I leave my sweaty shirt out on my truck and a talk-show tuned to a radio (and move this periodically to a different place), the deer are spooked. Haha, if they do ignore it, you could sit in the truck one night.
    One night I saw them getting close to my garden and chased after them across the field in the car. Haven’t seen them back since them. I also cut back all browsing vines that grow along the fence row and also have a deer fence on the other side of the garden so that it is not a ‘migration’ path.

  2. RobG: Yeah, deer. We haven’t had a real hard frost yet, so I imagine there’s still lots for them to eat in the surrounding woods. So far, here they seem to be more opportunistic, maybe a couple of them, wandering around and munching what they stumble into. I like the idea of “casual deer,” fairly easily spooked and interrupted in their habits! :) I’ve been thinking about the same thing, putting up stretches of 7′ deer net to get in the way of their usual paths. We’ll see as the weather gets colder and more greenery dies off…

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