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Rainy day harvest fashion

Dressed for the harvest rain

Jo sports a borrowed rain jacket with snap-on drawstring hood, in striking work yellow—perfect protection for a rainy harvest day. Today was probably the wettest harvest Friday of the year, and it wasn’t bad. A couple of heavy downpours kept us indoors for quite a while (snapping farm fashion shots out of the Milkhouse door…), otherwise, a light drizzle for part of the afternoon hardly slowed us down. For the occasional wet work, Conall favors a full rainsuit, jacket and pants, while I so far make do with a hooded rain jacket—I’ll pop inside and wait out the heavier stuff. Lynn arrived after the major downpours. Today’s four-person crew made good time despite the weather. For the record: mesclun, spicy salad greens (arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, red mustard), collards, kale, spinach, radish, carrots, beets, green onion, summer squash, bok choi, tomato and potato (harvested yesterday), and garlic and onions from storage!!



  1. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    I really like your rain jacket. Is your apple squeaky?!?!

  2. Love your blog!  My partner and I just started an organic farm in Colton, Oregon and we’re going to do a CSA and sell direct to Portland restaurants.  This entry made me laugh.  I’m also a freelance writer and I’m doing a story on farm fashion – having gone from women’s fashion name brands to the likes of Carhartts, it’s a fun change! 

    Cheers to you and wishing you a bountiful farming season!


  3. Austin Chadd

    My wife and I started a small farm in Southern Maine this year.  We found ourselves constantly harvesting/working in the rain this summer.  A quick trip to the local marine supply store and we found full-body (pants and jacket) lobster grade rain gear.  The pants have reinforced knee pads which helps with all the kneeling.  So far they’ve been amazing to use.

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